Practical Guide to Breast Reduction in Montreal

01 feature01 Practical Guide to Breast Reduction in Montreal by Dr Chen Lee

Practical Guide to Breast ReductionPractical Guide...

We live in a body conscious society.  Breast size and contour can greatly influence a woman's confidence, self-image, and outlook on life.  A woman's breasts that is just too large for her frame affects many aspects of her life.  Gravity with its relentless pull on the excessive mass of a woman's large breasts is a well-recognized cause of physical, social and emotional distress. 

A woman's choice to conceal or reveal her feminine silhouette is a valuable asset.  However, the value of this personal asset is diminished in women where clothing may not adequately conceal the voluminous curves of a large bust.  Social embarrassment may arise from the resulting unwelcome attention and stares.  Mobility and activities may be impaired by the size and volume of large breasts. 

Effective surgical options exist to manage the deleterious effects of the excessively large breast.  Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin and breast tissue to unweight the torso and aesthetically recontour large breasts.  This procedure is also called reduction mammoplasty.  This practical guide was constructed by Dr Chen Lee to provide you a plastic surgeon's perspective on breast reduction surgery in Montreal.  We hope that it assists women seeking relief from the symptoms and problems of excessively large breasts.

Cosmetic surgery is an extremely important occasion in your life. With something as valuable as your appearance, choose an experienced and reputable surgeon for your breast reduction surgery. Dr Chen Lee is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with an impeccable record. He would be delighted to meet you in person to discuss how he uses the most modern breast reduction techniques to be of maximal benefit for your reduction mammoplasty in Montreal.