The Perfect Breast?

perfect breast

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What is the "perfect breast"? The answer is unique and different for every woman. Some women prefer to have very curvaceous breasts, while others like smaller perkier breasts in harmony and better proportion with the rest of their physique. Breast volume and mass are the foundations of feminine curves but it must be in balance with each woman’s unique emotional, social, and physical desires to be “perfect”.

When breast mass exceeds expectations, it is often medically designated as breast hypertrophy. Excessive breast mass is associated with a greater physical load to the upper torso. Studies of women with breast hypertrophy have consistently demonstrated that they suffer from neck and back pain. While support bras may disperse some of the mechanical stress exerted on the spine, the bra through its supporting straps transfers the physical forces to the soft tissues of the shoulders and leads to bra strap frictional irritation with deep grooves to the skin of the shoulders.

Internal breast ligaments are responsible for structural support and the maintenance of youthful perkiness of breasts.  When these internal ligaments fail to support the extra weight of a hypertrophied breast, damage to the external skin with stretch marks and sagging of the breast envelope soon follow. Breast elongation and sagging is medically termed breast ptosis. Ptosis with its associated deep inframammary crease may make hygiene difficult on the undersurface of the breast. As a result, the skin under the affected large breast may become humid, irritated, and foul smelling. Skin maceration and infection can occur.

The flattened contour of the upper chest from the excessively large sagging and pendulous breast is not aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, areolae contours are usually enlarged with irregular shape and the projection of nipples are often flattened with too low a position on their respective breast mounds. Dr Chen Lee understands how the aesthetic and physical effects of large breasts can have devastating consequences on a woman’s physical well-being, emotional confidence, self-image and life attitude.

Effective surgical options exist to manage the deleterious effects of the excessively large breast. While surgery might still not breast reductionachieve the “perfect breast”, the symptomatic and aesthetic improvements that are a result of breast reduction make it one of the most popular and highest rated procedures in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is an extremely important occasion in your life. With something as valuable as your appearance, choose an experienced and reputable surgeon for your breast reduction surgery. Dr Chen Lee is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with an impeccable record. He would be delighted to meet you in person to discuss how he uses the most modern breast reduction techniques to be of maximal benefit for your reduction mammaplasty in Montreal.

Don't let imperfections control you. There is great power in having the body and figure you desire. Empower yourself to fully express your beauty. Come visit us to learn more about breast reduction in Montreal. Dr Chen Lee offers the latest techniques in breast reduction surgery and is ready and well prepared to help you achieve your ideal look.