Day of Surgery

The day you have been waiting for finally arrives. Despite all your preparation, you can't help but be nervous on this day. Most women considering breast reduction are healthy and have never had any surgery. Anxiety from the unknown journey ahead can be substantial. Our health and breast experts have found the well informed patient to be more comfortable and confident of their decision to proceed with a Montreal breast reduction. To comfort and ally anxiety, we have detailed below the anticipated events on the day of your breast reduction and listed some useful reminders.

Your breast reduction surgery may be performed in a hospital, free-standing ambulatory facility or office-based surgical suite.  Your care will be handled by teams of health care professionals interested in your safety and care.  Their domains of expertise will include nursing, technology, anesthesia, and surgery.  Your confidentiality will be maintained. Let's familiarize you with the process of outpatient surgery for breast reduction.

Nursing team: In the days preceding surgery, the hospital/facility administration will instruct you to arrive at the surgical site fasting from the evening before and accompanied by a family member or close friend who will ensure you safe transportation home. To meet the entire health care team, you will be asked to check into the facility well before your scheduled surgery time. Following check-in, you will disrobe and wear the surgical apparel provided by the hospital/facility. Members of the nursing team will meet you, review you dossier, and ensure the correct surgical equipement have been prepared for your surgery.

Anesthesia team: Usually, a general anesthetic is administered, so that you will be asleep throughout the procedure.  For your safety a board certified anesthesiologist will meet with you to review your medical health and ensure that your stomach is empty (i.e. fasting from the prior evening).

Final markings: Dr Chen Lee will always meet with you to answer final questions and to place important breast markings for your breast reduction procedure.

Operating suite: Your Montreal breast reduction will be performed in specially ventilated sterile operating room environment. The breast reduction procedure requires approximately 2 hours of operating time to complete. However, you will find your stay at the hospital/facility lasting half the day.

Recovery room: After the operation, you will recover from the anesthetic in the recovery room. A specially trained nurse will ensure that you are comfortable and recovering safely. You will be ready for discharge when you are alert and able to pass urine on your own. Prior to the final discharge, Dr Chen Lee will often meet with you and your accompanying family member. A prescription for pain medication, home instructions for care and follow-up office visit will be provided before discharging you to a loving family member.

Useful reminders...

  • stay fasting prior to surgery (no breakfast, no snacks, no drinks)
  • brush your teeth (do not swallow the water used for mouth rinse)
  • shower in the morning (before your surgery)
  • do not wear cosmetics (make up, eyeliner, perfume)
  • remove nail polish (fingers and toes)
  • do not apply skin moisturizers
  • remove and leave all jewelry at home
  • wear loose clothing (easy to change into, able to fit over top of breast dressings)
  • be punctual - arrive on time to the surgery facility
  • come accompanied with a responsible family member (transportation home)
  • plan to be present in the surgery facility for at least half a day
  • secure help at home (even better if for two or more days)
  • carefully follow Dr Chen Lee's postoperative instructions
  • notify Dr Chen Lee promptly of unexpected symptomatology